Extraordinary products for women who have had a mastectomy

Providing women with a solution after breast surgery that restores their silhouette and feels as natural as possible is our goal. We wish to make their life more comfortable and stronger by restoring their self-confidence after breast surgery. Amoena offers breast reconstruction products.

In addition to caring for you, Amoena also offers special bras and breast forms for the sensitive days following surgery, which will gently restore your shape and confidence while nurturing and protecting your delicate skin. In addition to providing comfort and security and helping to promote healing after surgery, our Priform breast form can be worn immediately after surgery with any of our front-fastening, gentle compression bras that are also perfect for sleeping in as they offer comfort and security as well as promoting healing.

Ultimate Goal!

Amoena’s goal is to develop and offer products that improve the quality of life for all women affected by breast cancer at every step of their journey.

Dr Atiyah will decide on the best option that meets your case. He will ensure that your treatment is safe and comfortable and that your results look natural, fresh, and vibrant.